Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Journey to GK Cheese (Final Episod)

After her rabbit friend left, Minni decided to peek at GK office looking for Luice. Luice is the Secretary of GK, and according to the words in town, she is more powerful than the CEO. History said that, she is one of the best gunner in town, and Minni bleeds most of the time from her gun rather than her fist.

on the ooc note : ((We ended this RP faster than it should be as all the players are currently busy in real life.))

[4:17] Minni Fhang peeks from the window
[4:17] luice String looks at Minni through the window
[4:18] Minni Fhang: the cook !!
[4:18] luice String: oops
[4:18] Minni Fhang: coook !!!! your friend betray you !!
[4:18] Mizuki Windlow moves to behind luice
[4:18] Minni Fhang: i know now
[4:18] luice String blinks "eep? whom do you mean?"
[4:18] Minni Fhang: give me the cheese or i kill you
[4:18] luice String: No one in GK betray!
[4:18] Minni Fhang grins ~ points to her back ~
[4:18] Minni Fhang: shes the big boobs
[4:19] luice String: Cheese is very important stuff for GK business....
[4:19] Mizuki Windlow: shut up, minni
[4:19] luice String: I never give you cheese without payment!
[4:19] Minni Fhang: i only cares for my tummy
[4:19] luice String turns her eyes to Mizuki
[4:19] Minni Fhang: CHEESE is all i WANT !!
[4:19] luice String looks at Mizuki and sked her "why are you so close ....on my back...."
[4:19] luice String: steps back
[4:20] Mizuki Windlow: no reason
[4:20] Minni Fhang: Cook, do you want to listen to another secret
[4:20] luice String: hey hey Mizuki...
[4:20] Mizuki Windlow: what?
[4:20] luice String: close....
[4:20] Minni Fhang: cook, do you want to listen to another secret ?
[4:20] luice String me turns her eyes to Minni "what is it?"
[4:20] Minni Fhang: she promised to help me to kill you
[4:21] Mizuki Windlow: you are good friend,luice
[4:21] luice String feels dangerous...
[4:21] Minni Fhang: and she will get half the cheese
[4:21] luice String: Mizuki!!
[4:21] luice String: really...? you did?
[4:21] Minni Fhang nods "Yes"
[4:21] Minni Fhang: i never tell lies
[4:21] luice String: awww
[4:21] Mizuki Windlow: but,money is more good friend
[4:21] luice String draws gun and start full-scale sprint
[4:21] Minni Fhang: mizuki you have to help me now

[4:26] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: luice String has been defeated by Mizuki Windlow!

[4:26] Minni Fhang: wooo
[4:26] luice String: gahhh....*vomits blood*
[4:26] Minni Fhang: cheese is mine
[4:26] Mizuki Windlow: sorry, my friend
[4:26] Minni Fhang: now tell me where is the cheese !
[4:26] luice String is in a blubber "awwwww"
[4:27] luice String: cheese GK office...
[4:27] Minni Fhang points her gun at luices mouth
[4:27] Minni Fhang: gah... i also knew that
[4:27] luice String: ohhh don't aim your gun to me please....
[4:27] luice String: it is 7th floor....*sobs*
[4:28] Minni Fhang nods "Okay"
[4:28] luice String: hey much dolars do you get for betrayal...
[4:28] Minni Fhang: bring me there
[4:28] Minni Fhang: giggles
[4:28] Minni Fhang: i am fulll
[4:28] Minni Fhang: for 10 generation

As there is no other choice, luice guided them to cheese store in 7th floor of GK office.

[4:28] luice String: okay....follow me....
[4:29] Minni Fhang: wooo
[4:29] Minni Fhang: smiles ear to ear
[4:29] luice String: but dont remember...our boss never forgive both of you!
[4:29] Minni Fhang shouts: the CHEESE is MINE !!!!

They went up by elevator.

[4:30] Minni Fhang: oooo
[4:30] Minni Fhang looks around
[4:30] Minni Fhang: secret lift
[4:30] Mizuki Windlow: its not secret....
[4:30] luice String: this is president room...
[4:31] Minni Fhang smells the cheese!
[4:31] Minni Fhang kicks the door
[4:31] Minni Fhang: open open open
[4:31] luice String: Wait....I have to input code to open this door

[4:32] luice String inputs the code to locked door

[4:32] Minni Fhang: woohooo
[4:32] luice String asks plaintively "please dont steal all...."
[4:32] Minni Fhang: awww
[4:33] Minni Fhang hops "mine mine mine!"
[4:33] Minni Fhang jumps around
[4:33] luice String: awww please dont take it all
[4:33] Minni Fhang: big boobs wants half
[4:34] luice String: you betrayer....*glares Mizuki*
[4:34] Mizuki Windlow: who is big boobs?
[4:34] Minni Fhang: i take 4
[4:34] Minni Fhang: two i give to big boobs
[4:34] luice String: ((touch the biggest cheese, you can get it))
[4:34] Mizuki Windlow: dont call me big boobs
[4:34] Minni Fhang: your boobs is big
[4:35] Minni Fhang: YAY!
[4:35] Minni Fhang: got it
[4:35] Minni Fhang: give 2 to big boobs
[4:35] Mizuki Windlow: thank you
[4:35] Minni Fhang: runs back to her home happily
[4:35] Minni Fhang: i will get big increment
[4:35] luice String: *sobs* now my cheese store is empty...
[4:36] Minni Fhang: you are out of business again !!!
[4:36] luice String: I will report this to boss!
[4:36] luice String: and Stacey!
[4:36] Minni Fhang thinks ~ i will keep one for my rabbit friend~
[4:36] Minni Fhang: see ya all
[4:36] Minni Fhang: big boobs
[4:36] Minni Fhang: thank you
[4:36] luice String: *glares Minni's back*
[4:36] Mizuki Windlow: bye

The Journey to GK cheese (Part 11)

Recently,Minni is a good friend to the rabbit clan, princess coppelia,as both of them are theives. Their past time is to rob everyone in the town and they will share those item to sell in the black market.

Today they met, as the rabbit stay in GK upper office and here comes the plan ..

[3:43] Coppelia Mint: Minni!
[3:43] Minni Fhang: oooi friend
[3:44] Coppelia Mint: How are you!
[3:44] Minni Fhang: mmmhmm, hungry
[3:44] Coppelia Mint: I have no cheese
[3:44] Minni Fhang whispers: big boobs have it ?
[3:45] Coppelia Mint whispers~I think GK chief cook has lots of cheese for GK Pizza~
[3:45] Minni Fhang: pouts.. i still don'tknow who is that cook
[3:45] Coppelia Mint: shhhh
[3:45] Minni Fhang: i can smell it....but can't see it
[3:46] Coppelia Mint whispers: You can ask it to gk force
[3:47] Minni Fhang whispers: i can't fight that big boobs *points at Mizuki*
[3:47] Minni Fhang whispers: the boobs too big.. she will hammer me with her boobs and it is enough
[3:47] Mizuki Windlow: what?
[3:47] Minni Fhang: nothing
[3:48] Coppelia Mint whispers~If you share cheese with me, I can support you
[3:48] Minni Fhang whispers: you eat cheeese?
[3:48] Coppelia Mint whispers: Rabbits eat anything,,,
[3:48] Minni Fhang whispers ~ i feel like tasting her boobs~
[3:49] Coppelia Mint whispers: eeps You like boobs....
[3:49] Mizuki Windlow: jealous?
[3:49] Minni Fhang: they have the most fatty or whatsoever good thing there
[3:49] Minni Fhang: i wont be hungry for another 10 days
[3:50] Coppelia Mint: Lets get her and ask who is the cook
[3:50] Coppelia Mint draws weapons
[3:50] Minni Fhang stares at her boobs with mouth watering
[3:50] Coppelia Mint aims her gun to Mizuki!
[3:50] Coppelia Mint: Hey Mizuki!
[3:50] Mizuki Windlow: what?
[3:50] Coppelia Mint: Tell me who is the GK cook!
[3:50] Minni Fhang nods from behind
[3:51] Minni Fhang: tell us or we eat your boobs
[3:51] Minni Fhang: Choice is yours !!
[3:51] Mizuki Windlow: Be ate by piranha
[3:52] Coppelia Mint: Well...I ask you by force!

Long battle....Mizuki is hard to get

[4:01] XRPS V0.9.2RC - METER: Mizuki Windlow has been defeated by Coppelia Mint!

[4:01] Minni Fhang: booobs time
[4:01] Coppelia Mint: hihihi *giggles*
[4:01] Coppelia Mint: Hey Mizuki
[4:01] Mizuki Windlow: what?
[4:01] Minni Fhang: proved we are good bandit !!
[4:01] Coppelia Mint: haha yes!
[4:01] Coppelia Mint turns her face to Mizuki "and tell me"
[4:02] Mizuki Windlow: luice
[4:02] Coppelia Mint: Tell me who is the cook....ohhh, luice?
[4:02] Minni Fhang: oooh
[4:02] Mizuki Windlow: luice is
[4:02] Minni Fhang: giggles
[4:02] Coppelia Mint: oh my gah, she doesn't hesitate to tell secret *laughs*
[4:02] Minni Fhang: shes a traitor !!
[4:02] Minni Fhang bends down "licking boob time!"
[4:02] Coppelia Mint: maybe luice is hated! *laughs*
[4:02] Coppelia Mint: ohh you are kinky rat....looks like baby....*glances at Minni*
[4:03] Minni Fhang: i want to suck milk
[4:03] Coppelia Mint: ok try it
[4:03] Minni Fhang: ***(¨^^¨Mua Mua Mua Muaaaa´¨^^¨´)***
[4:03] Mizuki Windlow: my boob is pay
[4:03] Coppelia Mint: How is it taste?
[4:03] Minni Fhang rubs her face in between the cleavege
[4:03] Minni Fhang: she smell funny
[4:04] Coppelia Mint: eep funny
[4:04] Minni Fhang: and no milk
[4:04] Coppelia Mint: giggles
[4:04] Minni Fhang stares at coppe.. fake boob ?
[4:04] Coppelia Mint whispers Minni~I dont know~
[4:04] Minni Fhang whispers ~ maybe old human ~
[4:05] Mizuki Windlow: im not mother yet!
[4:05] Minni Fhang: giggles
[4:05] Minni Fhang: welll..coppe
[4:05] Minni Fhang: we know whos the cook
[4:05] Minni Fhang: and i get to lick her boob
[4:05] Minni Fhang: YAY!
[4:05] Coppelia Mint: OK, next work is to get luice
[4:05] Minni Fhang nods
[4:06] Coppelia Mint: and force her to give cheese.....hehehe
[4:06] Minni Fhang: the treasure of cheese
[4:06] Coppelia Mint: ah....
[4:06] Minni Fhang: i don't need to steal for another 10 generation
[4:06] Coppelia Mint: but I cant support get luice....
[4:06] Minni Fhang: awwww
[4:06] Coppelia Mint: She is scary....*shivers little*
[4:07] Minni Fhang nod "yes"
[4:07] Minni Fhang: i still has bullet in my arse
[4:07] Coppelia Mint: How about to ask Mizuki to help you
[4:07] Coppelia Mint: Mizuki sold luice just now very easily...she may even help you to get her.
[4:07] Minni Fhang: yesha
[4:08] Minni Fhang: she should join rats
[4:08] Coppelia Mint: maybe luice is hated *giggles*
[4:08] Minni Fhang: maybe
[4:08] Coppelia Mint helps Mizuki up and asked "Hey Mizuki...Do you help Minni?"
[4:08] Mizuki Windlow: yes?
[4:09] Mizuki Windlow: mm...
[4:09] Mizuki Windlow: how much do you pay?
[4:09] Coppelia Mint: mmm
[4:09] Minni Fhang: we pay through cheese
[4:09] Coppelia Mint: yes...this can be good business!
[4:10] Mizuki Windlow: then, pay me half of harvest
[4:10] Minni Fhang: wow, thats alot
[4:10] Minni Fhang: you will be fat !!
[4:10] Coppelia Mint whispers~ more big boobs she want~
[4:10] Minni Fhang: giggles "can their boobs explode ?"
[4:11] Coppelia Mint: Minni, this is your choice...hihihi
[4:11] Mizuki Windlow: hey,who is fat?
[4:11] Coppelia Mint: no!
[4:11] Minni Fhang: you are slim now !!
[4:11] Coppelia Mint: I didnt say such sing!
[4:11] Minni Fhang: pretty now !!
[4:11] Minni Fhang: but if you eat lots of cheese
[4:11] Coppelia Mint nods
[4:11] Minni Fhang: you will be fat...
[4:11] Minni Fhang: i am concern about your pretty slim body
[4:11] Mizuki Windlow: I will sell,not eat all
[4:11] Coppelia Mint: hahaha!
[4:12] Minni Fhang: deal !
[4:12] Minni Fhang: you sell
[4:12] Coppelia Mint: She likes money very much....more than GK secretary xD
[4:12] Minni Fhang: i will steal from your buyer
[4:12] Minni Fhang: yeah.. and her boobs is the biggest in town
[4:12] Minni Fhang: errmmmm human
[4:12] Coppelia Mint: okay this is determinded xD
[4:12] Minni Fhang: did you get money to enlarge your boob?
[4:12] Mizuki Windlow: world is money,we cant eat if dont have money
[4:13] Minni Fhang: i steal to survive
[4:13] Coppelia Mint: I go back to rabbit house
[4:13] Minni Fhang: ahhhh
[4:13] Coppelia Mint: good luck Minni
[4:14] Mizuki Windlow: see you

Friday, 5 March 2010

A dollarbie

Big changes to the KOL and suddenly theres are lots of human being in the town. Being a legal thief, I sneaked up on hoping to steal money from him. He looks pretty rich with big necklaces. I must be RICH!!..

[0:19] Minni Fhang squeeks!
[0:19] Johnathen Bates: hey minni!
[0:19] Minni Fhang: o.O
[0:19] Minni Fhang: you know my name
[0:19] Minni Fhang: o.o
[0:19] Johnathen Bates: not really know!
[0:19] Johnathen Bates whispers: :)
[0:19] Minni Fhang: giggles
[0:20] Minni Fhang: now you know
[0:20] Minni Fhang: give me money !!
[0:20] Johnathen Bates: haha!
[0:20] Minni Fhang: no ?
[0:20] Minni Fhang: i am legal thief in this place
[0:20] Johnathen Bates: a dollar in your belt!
[0:20] Johnathen Bates paid you L$1.
[0:20] You paid Johnathen Bates L$1.
[0:20] Minni Fhang: just rp ))
[0:20] Minni Fhang: i am a big eater
[0:20] Johnathen Bates: i know,:))
[0:21] Johnathen Bates: what do you like to eat?
[0:21] Minni Fhang: a dollar can get me a good cheese
[0:21] Minni Fhang: can't **
[0:21] Johnathen Bates: do you know a girl named street?
[0:22] Minni Fhang: nope
[0:22] Minni Fhang: i'm aint here to make friend
[0:22] Minni Fhang: i am here to steal
[0:22] Minni Fhang: and fill up my stomach
[0:23] Johnathen Bates: hmm sounds like your a fun chick!
[0:23] Johnathen Bates: you going to beat me up?
[0:23] Minni Fhang: i am a RAT
[0:23] Johnathen Bates: take my wallet!
[0:23] Minni Fhang: not a Chick
[0:23] Minni Fhang whispers ~ underground brutal rat ~
[0:24] Johnathen Bates: your to cute to be a rat!
[0:24] Minni Fhang: now !!
[0:24] Minni Fhang: cut the crap !!
[0:24] Minni Fhang: give me all your wallet
[0:25] Johnathen Bates: hmm you can have it if you want its in my back left pocket!
[0:25] Johnathen Bates: i wont stop you if you want to reach around and get it!
[0:25] Minni Fhang stares at his pocket ~` no tricks ~
[0:25] Minni Fhang thinks ~ this can't be that good ~
[0:25] Johnathen Bates: i might smile a little!
[0:26] Minni Fhang pokes his left pocket with his gun
[0:26] Minni Fhang: ت
[0:26] Minni Fhang: now SMILE !!
[0:26] Johnathen Bates: ear to ear!
[0:26] Minni Fhang: hah
[0:27] Minni Fhang thinks to herself ~ this one is weird ~
[0:27] Minni Fhang pokes again to double confirm there is a wallet in there
[0:27] Johnathen Bates: nah!
[0:27] Minni Fhang hops behind him
[0:28] Johnathen Bates: like what you see?
[0:28] Johnathen Bates: :)
[0:28] Minni Fhang smiles and nods and quickly picks his wallet and keeps to herself and runs away
[0:29] Minni Fhang opens his wallet and pouts ~ only a dollarbie~

All the work and I have a dollar !!! I won't steal based on appearance anymore !!

Monday, 8 February 2010

with dreams to be a King

~ first one should be a man ~

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I'm loving this !! ELEMENT 7th

DO YOU haVe A liFE outside XRPS, DCS, and all those RP sim ?

I DO!!!

My lastest hanging out place !!¸¸.•¨¯`• CLUB ELEMENT 7TH ROCKS •`¯¨•¸¸ `•. and I must drag Himo here -.- .

The best music so far I had heard from all the club in SL....

uber hot !! I am dancing on top of the platform alone ~~whooooooooooooooooooooooo~~

Soon, it is not peaceful anymore -.-

Minni decided to visit her old daddy in Evil, upon arrival in Evil, she came across a friend and soon, the visiting daddy was forgotten.

Both of them went to REM and found themselves fighting for something that she dont even know why !

[9:37] KoshiVirii Robonaught: rofl
[9:37] Minni Fhang: ah fuck
[9:37] Drexter Kidd: lol
[9:37] KoshiVirii Robonaught: What was the meaning of your attack?
[9:37] Syriah Moyet: Now who are these two that will attack a Gangrel..mmmm
[9:37] Minni Fhang: cares who are you !!!
[9:37] Minni Fhang: we kill who we want
[9:38] KoshiVirii Robonaught: The Ork is a friend of mine
[9:38] Syriah Moyet: Oh you will in time my dear. You will
[9:38] KoshiVirii Robonaught: And you got killed for it
[9:38] KoshiVirii Robonaught: \** Hooooah! **/
[9:38] Drexter Kidd record that words...
[9:38] Sev Loudwater: tawk fingy or gruk take youse head for bosspole
[9:38] Minni Fhang: all your blood i will drink
[9:38] Minni Fhang laughs
[9:38] DCS2 2.46.14: Sev Loudwater feels its health recover
[9:38] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Good luck drinking mine
[9:38] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Silly little canine
[9:38] Drexter Kidd: lol
[9:39] Minni Fhang stares at him, You have oil not blood
[9:39] Minni Fhang: stupid
[9:39] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Unless you like the taste of bio-enhanced green blood
[9:39] Drexter Kidd: nonono, respect the machina Koshi
[9:39] KoshiVirii Robonaught: I have blood moron
[9:39] Minni Fhang: moron my ass
[9:39] Drexter Kidd: or i will shot your bad smell bud
[9:39] KoshiVirii Robonaught: I have flesh and bone too
[9:39] Minni Fhang: too ugly to show to the public
[9:39] KoshiVirii Robonaught: ;;Driving his boot firmly into the side of the fallen female;;
[9:40] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Nope
[9:40] KoshiVirii Robonaught: I just like this armor
[9:40] Minni Fhang: one word, hiding in mask
[9:40] Minni Fhang: coward
[9:40] Syriah Moyet: Gruk you ready hun? I need to speak with you for a second.
[9:40] KoshiVirii Robonaught: rofl
[9:41] Sev Loudwater: jus wanna know why der guy attack gruk
[9:41] KoshiVirii Robonaught: It's wiered into my skull
[9:41] Drexter Kidd: Minni thast is a ¨ton heavy armour, this is not to be builtifull, but is to protect him to biologic low inteligence life forms as you
[9:41] Syriah Moyet: Ok Gruk
[9:41] KoshiVirii Robonaught: ;;Sliding the visor section into place;; What do you think now bitch?
[9:41] Minni Fhang: you are the intelligent one ? 0.0
[9:41] Minni Fhang: your brain my ass
[9:41] Drexter Kidd: Positive
[9:42] Sev Loudwater: ey youse
[9:42] Minni Fhang is bound by steel cord
[9:42] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Big misstake Miss
[9:42] Sev Loudwater: why you not mindin your own biznez
[9:42] Minni Fhang stares at the most intelligent guy who has similar capacity of her arse
[9:42] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Give me one good reaon why I don't chop you into tiny pieces
[9:43] Drexter Kidd: who you think you are litle big mouth?
[9:43] Minni Fhang: you are so silly...
[9:43] KoshiVirii Robonaught: ;;Reaching down to the feamel gripping the binds and lifts her to his eye level;;
[9:43] Minni Fhang: i am the princess of lace
[9:43] Minni Fhang: idiots, you dont know who you are speaking too
[9:43] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Doesn't matter who you are, you don't attack peoples friends
[9:44] Drexter Kidd: because it dont mean nothing
[9:44] Sev Loudwater: ok you stupid, i kill you next time
[9:44] Minni Fhang: i repeat again my words .. hears it robot " i will attack who i want , where i want , and at any time i want "
[9:44] KoshiVirii Robonaught: ;;Bringing the female close to his mask and exhals a plume of thick choking smoke into her face engulfing her head;;
[9:44] KoshiVirii Robonaught: And this will be the putcome everytime
[9:44] Minni Fhang coughs and puffs out the smoke to the silly robot
[9:45] KoshiVirii Robonaught: ;;Letting go of the female leaving her for to drop to the ground;;
[9:45] Drexter Kidd: and we will obliterate you from the face of the enviroment as your who folow you
[9:45] Minni Fhang: oooo
[9:45] Minni Fhang: i am so scared
[9:45] Minni Fhang shivers
[9:45] Minni Fhang: uhhuh
[9:45] KoshiVirii Robonaught: ;;Placing his boot on the back of her head pressing down gently;; being scared would be a wise move Miss
[9:45] KoshiVirii Robonaught: I could crush you like a grape
[9:46] Drexter Kidd: ok you whant me be what i´m builded to be, great many times i had ben honorable
[9:46] Drexter Kidd: now is time to be myself
[9:46] Minni Fhang: again, your intelligent is nothing but lowerthan my arse, i am actually sneering at you
[9:46] Minni Fhang laughs
[9:46] KoshiVirii Robonaught: ;;Begining to press down on the females head with a little more force;; Your head, like a grape
[9:46] Minni Fhang: so now silly robot.. leave me alone
[9:46] Minni Fhang: we play next time
[9:46] Drexter Kidd: i will bring your peaces to CM to be food for then evils
[9:47] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Who's a robot?
[9:47] Minni Fhang: you the green one
[9:47] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Hahaha, fooling female
[9:47] KoshiVirii Robonaught: I'm not a robot
[9:47] Minni Fhang: or so the man hinding in the armour shield

[9:47] Drexter Kidd: hey lady, i thinki can read your mind waves and i just have a surpise to you too
[9:47] Minni Fhang: maybe an ugly man
[9:47] DCS2 2.46.14: Adamant Blitz prays
[9:48] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Then you wouldn't know anything, would you Miss?
[9:48] Minni Fhang: why i want to know about you ? i don't even know who are you

Fight fight again !!

[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Adamant Blitz roots Drexter Kidd stuck to the ground
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Drexter Kidd is stunned.
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Drexter Kidd casts a fog of confusion
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: KoshiVirii Robonaught is stunned.
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Adamant Blitz is stunned.
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Mishy Constantine is stunned.
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Drexter Kidd moves fast and disables Adamant Blitz
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Adamant Blitz is silenced.
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Adamant Blitz Is Struck By a Critical HIT!
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Drexter Kidd casts a fog of confusion
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: KoshiVirii Robonaught is dazed.
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Mishy Constantine is dazed.
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Adamant Blitz is stunned.
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Adamant Blitz Has been Defeated
[9:48] DCS2 2.46.14: Adamant Blitz was defeated by Drexter Kidd

[9:48] Drexter Kidd: to hell
[9:48] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Now, I'm going to let you go, attack any of my friend, i won't be so forgiving, next time
[9:48] Minni Fhang stares at the bio thing
[9:48] KoshiVirii Robonaught: I am a Chaos Marine and you attacked a friend, thats all you need to know
[9:49] Minni Fhang: fuck it
[9:49] Drexter Kidd: no fuck you
[9:49] Minni Fhang: i repeated, i will fuck you next time hard and deep
[9:49] KoshiVirii Robonaught: ;;Taking his boot from the femals head and starts to unbind her before casting her form weith the other two;;
[9:49] KoshiVirii Robonaught: rofl
[9:49] Drexter Kidd: you are in Kos of Sci-tron princes of bull shit
[9:49] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Your welcoem to try silly girl
[9:49] Minni Fhang: i love challenge
[9:49] Minni Fhang: dont you xD
[9:50] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Anytime you like little girl
[9:50] Drexter Kidd: they come to me , and is important to the updates i can do to your limitations
[9:50] Minni Fhang winks
[9:50] Minni Fhang: i am liking you now,bio thing
[9:50] Minni Fhang giggles
[9:50] Minni Fhang: ت
[9:50] Drexter Kidd: Negative
[9:51] Drexter Kidd: no you can´t
[9:51] Minni Fhang: and ask your friend to get lost from my friend
[9:51] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Now take your friends and run
[9:51] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Run cowards! RUNNNNN!!!
[9:51] Minni Fhang: i am not running
[9:51] Aja Zanzibar: wow I see dead people
[9:51] Minni Fhang: you guys have to leave
[9:51] Aja Zanzibar: must be a 6th sense I have
[9:51] Marius Karillion folds his arms watching Dex and Koshi.
[9:51] KoshiVirii Robonaught: We ain't going no where
[9:51] Minni Fhang: so am i
[9:52] KoshiVirii Robonaught: I'll be waiting over there for you then little girl
[9:52] skyla Millar: watches from behind Him
[9:52] Minni Fhang: as you wish
[9:52] KoshiVirii Robonaught: ;;Kicking her firmly in the ribs over more as he walks past her;;
[9:52] Minni Fhang: uuhhhuu
[9:52] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Pathetic
[9:52] Drexter Kidd: hello
[9:52] Minni Fhang: silly bio
[9:52] Minni Fhang: ugly man
[9:52] Aja Zanzibar: I will pray for them
[9:52] Marius Karillion: Issues Koshi?
[9:52] Azumi Pawpad: Hi Drexter
[9:53] Drexter Kidd: Ty angel, pray for this dark future they are building
[9:53] Aja Zanzibar: ok will do
[9:53] Marius Karillion: So who are they with?
[9:53] Minni Fhang: you better think how to improve your system, i am going to corupt you anytime soon

Being attacked again

[9:53] DCS2 2.46.14: Drexter Kidd moves fast and disables Minni Fhang
[9:53] Aja Zanzibar: waves to the lawnmower
[9:53] DCS2 2.46.14: You are silenced and may not do powers
[9:53] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang Has been Defeated
[9:53] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang was defeated by Drexter Kidd

[9:54] Drexter Kidd: remember my words litle beauty one
[9:54] Minni Fhang: feeling great idiots
[9:54] Drexter Kidd: you are nothing
[9:54] Minni Fhang: you remember what i am going to tell you
[9:54] Drexter Kidd: and i will setp up on you aways you be in my way
[9:54] Minni Fhang: you are a bunch of corrupted system
[9:55] Minni Fhang: can't even walk properly.. think Again !!
[9:55] Marius Karillion: Yes, she was here earlier beating the hell out of a water elf.
[9:55] Drexter Kidd: my ugly face will be in your mind for long time
[9:55] Minni Fhang: i am so waiting for it
[9:55] Drexter Kidd: deal.
[9:55] Minni Fhang: BYE !!!

They walk a bit far away, and this is their conversation

[9:56] Marius Karillion: Rather strange that those 3 just walk up and assualt Gruk wouldnt you say?

[9:58] DCS2 2.46.14: Adamant Blitz heals Minni Fhang
[9:58] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang feels better
[9:58] johno Aura: im mad really bad but dont tell my mum and dad pucker up kiss my butt
[9:58] Mishy Constantine: so why attack me, i have done nothing
[9:59] Adamant Blitz: they attacked you
[9:59] Mishy Constantine: yes i was attacked
[9:59] johno Aura: by who
[10:00] Adamant Blitz: drex

Fight again

[10:01] DCS2 2.46.14: skyla Millar is silenced.
[10:01] DCS2 2.46.14: Marius Karillion is silenced.
[10:01] DCS2 2.46.14: skyla Millar is silenced.
[10:01] DCS2 2.46.14: Marius Karillion is silenced.
[10:01] DCS2 2.46.14: Syriah Moyet applys major first aid to SELF
[10:02] DCS2 2.46.14: Marius Karillion feels its health recover
[10:02] DCS2 2.46.14: Marius Karillion heals skyla Millar
[10:02] DCS2 2.46.14: skyla Millar feels better
[10:02] DCS2 2.46.14: Marius Karillion heals skyla Millar
[10:02] DCS2 2.46.14: skyla Millar feels better
[10:02] DCS2 2.46.14: Marius Karillion heals skyla Millar
[10:02] DCS2 2.46.14: skyla Millar feels better
[10:03] DCS2 2.46.14: Mishy Constantine is silenced.
[10:04] Drexter Kidd: and now
[10:04] Drexter Kidd: ?
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang bashes Drexter Kidd with full force
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Drexter Kidd is stunned.
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang protects itself with its claws
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Drexter Kidd moves fast and disables Minni Fhang
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang is silenced.
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: KoshiVirii Robonaught summons a swarm and sends it at Minni Fhang
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang gets attacked by a swarm
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Drexter Kidd is protected
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: KoshiVirii Robonaught moves fast and disables Minni Fhang
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang is silenced.
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Drexter Kidd summons a swarm and sends it at Minni Fhang
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang gets attacked by a swarm
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: KoshiVirii Robonaught throws a grapling hook Minni Fhang
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: KoshiVirii Robonaught bashes Minni Fhang with full force
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang is stunned.
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang feeds on the body of KoshiVirii Robonaught
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Mishy Constantine heals all around them
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang Is Struck By a Critical HIT!
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: KoshiVirii Robonaught Is Struck By a Critical HIT!
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang bashes Drexter Kidd with full force
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Mishy Constantine Has been Defeated
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Mishy Constantine was defeated by Drexter Kidd
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Drexter Kidd is stunned.
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang Has been Defeated
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang was defeated by KoshiVirii Robonaught
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Marius Karillion takes the soul and essence out of Minni Fhang
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang is silenced.
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Syriah Moyet applys major first aid to Drexter Kidd
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Drexter Kidd throws a grapling hook Minni Fhang
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang Is Struck By a Critical HIT!
[10:04] DCS2 2.46.14: Reflection/Damage Shield Is now off

[10:05] KoshiVirii Robonaught: \** Hooooah! **/
[10:05] Drexter Kidd: party is up!
[10:05] Minni Fhang: oh yeah
[10:05] Drexter Kidd: heheheh
[10:05] Minni Fhang: just started

[10:05] DCS2 2.46.14: johno Aura heals all around them
[10:05] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Not to bright are you?
[10:05] Minni Fhang: brighter than you
[10:05] Drexter Kidd: Thank you
[10:05] Marius Karillion: I dont guess that worked out so well for them either.
[10:05] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Pathetic creatures.
[10:05] Drexter Kidd: you can run but you can´t ...
[10:05] DCS2 2.46.14: johno Aura heals all around them
[10:06] Minni Fhang: idiots
[10:06] Drexter Kidd: sounds like a eletro tune
[10:06] Drexter Kidd: agin , and again , and again and again...
[10:06] DCS2 2.46.14: johno Aura pulls Mishy Constantine
[10:07] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Let this be a lesson to you
[10:07] Marius Karillion taps Minni on the hip with his hoof
[10:08] Minni Fhang moans
[10:08] Sev Loudwater: should 'ave gone for da teef
[10:08] Marius Karillion rolls her on her back and then steps on her hair to hold her in place as he castes healing magic on her.
[10:08] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Yeah, could have made a necklace out of them,
[10:08] DCS2 2.46.14: Marius Karillion heals Minni Fhang
[10:08] DCS2 2.46.14: Minni Fhang feels better
[10:09] Minni Fhang smiles weakly at the good creature ~ at least i found someone nice at last ~
[10:09] Marius Karillion: Now then girlie girl... whats with the hostility this morning?
[10:09] KoshiVirii Robonaught: Maybe if you gave some of us a chance and not attack for no reason, you'd find us to be nice too
[10:09] Marius Karillion grins at her, "And no dear I'm a far cry from nice but I am curious..."
[10:10] Minni Fhang smiles at the creature ~ i am practicing my early aerrobic exercise ~
[10:10] Marius Karillion: Now would you like to try for an explanation or should we move straight into the torments of the damned?
[10:10] KoshiVirii Robonaught: ;;Laughing as he watches Marius;;
[10:11] Minni Fhang: i explain to nobody except my dad
[10:11] Marius Karillion gave a little nod and then rumbled, "Who is he?"
[10:11] Minni Fhang: the one who lives in evil
[10:12] Sev Loudwater: das?
[10:12] Marius Karillion sighs after a moment and then kicks her sharply in the hip
[10:12] Minni Fhang moans
[10:12] Marius Karillion: A name you simpleton...
[10:13] Minni Fhang: he is my dad, it is impolite to say his name
[10:13] Marius Karillion stares down at her a moment and then rumbles, "So far I havent seen polite to be high on your list of priorities dear."
[10:13] Sev Loudwater: dat right gruk never say his dada's name eifa
[10:13] KoshiVirii Robonaught: If DaSein is your father, I'll be haveing words with him about you
[10:13] Marius Karillion removes his hoof from her hair and gestures to the south
[10:14] Minni Fhang: i will be polite to those who are nice to me, and those over there had nothing but showing off their muscle
[10:14] Marius Karillion: Hospital facilities are in that direction, I suggest you crawl off and make use of them before you bleed to death here.
[10:14] Syriah Moyet: If Dasien is her Dad Sophie will know.
[10:14] Syriah Moyet: If Roth is her father..Lucifer will be pissed
[10:14] KoshiVirii Robonaught: This coming for the one who attacks Gruk for no reason?
[10:15] Minni Fhang giggles ~ who is sophie, another of my dad's girl ? ~
[10:15] KoshiVirii Robonaught: So it's ok for you
[10:15] Marius Karillion ambles back over to stand and stretch a bit
[10:15] KoshiVirii Robonaught: But as soon as someone else does it you cry like a little girl?
[10:15] Syriah Moyet: Or is your dad Dragonlord?
[10:16] Minni Fhang: tell you people, my dad is Dasein Noyes, my mom is Adinava Janus, and i just came back here... so watch out !!
[10:16] KoshiVirii Robonaught: I asked a question
[10:16] Minni Fhang smiles and walks away, we will meet again
[10:16] Syriah Moyet: If Dasein is your dad and you are attacking his allies
[10:16] Syriah Moyet: That is not good!
[10:16] KoshiVirii Robonaught shouts: Wo it'sd ok for you to "£Flex your mucsle" but as soon as one of us does it, it's not ok?
[10:16] Syriah Moyet: Hey
[10:17] Minni Fhang: yus
[10:17] Syriah Moyet: Dasien is really your father?
[10:17] Minni Fhang: yus
[10:17] Minni Fhang: you can ask him .. if you want
[10:17] Syriah Moyet: I don't know you but I am sure my elder Sophie will know. He and her are well...
[10:17] Minni Fhang: i don't know about my dad's girl..
[10:17] Syriah Moyet: Look be careful who you attack in this city. There is a serious war at hand and you attacked two of your father's enemies
[10:18] Syriah Moyet: And two of his well friends.. Quite the mess you have probably made
[10:18] Minni Fhang: 0.o
[10:18] Minni Fhang: i am a trouble kid
[10:21] Syriah Moyet: Well be safe lady. But you probably made a mess of things *grins*
[10:21] Syriah Moyet: See you around. Dasien's daughter
[10:21] Minni Fhang: hehe, my dad always love me, and he will like the mess that i did
[10:21] Syriah Moyet: I am not so sure about that. Especially when word gets back to the Tyrant
[10:22] Syriah Moyet: Your father is working a bit more diplomatic with handling things. Especially you attacking CM. That is not too good. But if you say Dasien will be happy time will tell. Not sure he will though
[10:22] Syriah Moyet: See ya later

Tuesday, 2 February 2010